Mission Statement

Security Solutions is a professional services company that specializes in security, networking and access control. We are committed to protecting and servicing people, assets, buildings and campuses.

Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations and meet a wide range of security and technological needs through the support provided by our team of experts and our access to diverse resources and quality equipment.

Executive Summary

Security Solutions has over a decade of experience in the installation and management of Surveillance, Networking and Access Control fields. We have a proven track record in residential, commercial, local, state and federal government sectors. Security Solutions is hands-on and focuses on providing our clients with top of the line equipment, quality, and service. Our solutions are customizable and can be tailored to individual client needs and budgets without compromising the end result.

Security Solutions’ success is rooted in our passion for building relationships with our clients and utilizing our extensive resources and networks to get the job done. -Founders

Video Surveillance

Security Solutions Video Surveillance can provide the information you need to protect your company!

Benifits of Video Surveillance

  • Legal Concerns – Address legitimate claims and refute false ones with the use of visual proof of the incident.
  • Employee Safety - Keep your employees safe by knowing who is coming and going from your facility.
  • Operational Improvements – Security Concepts video surveillance can be used to monitor materials, the manufacture process and valuable assets while reducing loss.
  • Digital Video Recording – DVR captures critical video that can be archived easily and immediately.
  • Network Video Recording – NVR captures and archives critical video utilizing the latest I.P. technology.
  • Camera Surveillance – Surveillance cameras are easily installed and come in many shapes and sizes, sleek and non-intrusive. Security Solutions is up to date on the latest technology and advances in security to protect property.
  • Fully Integrated Systems - Security Solutions video surveillance systems can be integrated with access control and intrusion detection for a fully integrated system.

Access Control

Businesses in today’s world have the unprecidented challenge of protecting their properties and people.
Organizations are faced with employee turn, theft, intellectual property management and unforseeable emergency situations. Now more than ever, business owners have a need to provide forms of access control within their organizations that go beyond a traditional lock and key system. Block Island Alarm is the solution that can provide building and entry door access to the “right people” when and where they need it. Our systems protect the premisies and provide a safer work environment for your employees.
Access Control from Security Concepts is easy to install, set up and use.

  • Respond in an instant to an emergency situation
  • Easily make changes to employee access permissions
  • Invaluable information from the access control system at your fingertips
  • Reporting of cardholder/employee movement
  • Fully integrated card holder database
  • Knowledge of door entry patterns and employee movement within your facility
  • manage multiple facilities, locations, doors and sntry permissions for many people via the internet remotely from anywhere at any time
  • Integrated with other systems
  • Cost effective
  • Easy and reliable

Burgler Alarm/Intrusion Detection

Whether the target of a vandal or an experienced intruder, the days when a simple lock and key could keep your valuables safe are long behind us. With a Security System from Security Solutions you can protect your home or business, employees and customers, regardless of the threat. We will provide you with custom intrusion detection solutions specifically designed to meet your unique requirements. We utilize a variety of door contacts, motion sensors and glass break sensors, designing a one-of-a-kind system for your needs.